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It's interesting how, after I put new ghost photos here, soon afterwards I find a commercial product that seems to mimic the content somehow. Earlier this year, I photographed an apparition, in the shape of a crown, which is further down on this page. Then an ad turned up, about a pc game called The Lost Crown, and it has a trailer, like a movie. Here's a screen cap from the trailer.

I told you about those ghosts I photographed, one of which looks like a giant eye. Now, I'm telling you about a Jessica Alba movie that came out February 1, 2008, called The Eye.

What do you think?

Here (on the right), is the latest California Department of Corrections official file photo of Charlie. This was snapped on Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Click on it, to see an enlarged version of it. Enjoy.

First, rejoice! I've finally posted photos from the last two ghost photo shoots. The earlier one was on August 1, 2008. The most recent one was on July 11, 2009. You'll want to read the rest of this section, though. It goes into what to expect here, in the future.

It's official. I intend to start charging admission to these Cielo Drive ghost photo shoot photos. I hate to be the bad guy, but I must be able to recoup my operating costs. I've been sustaining losses from the day this website opened, for over four years. Not only that, at the risk of seeming greedy, it would be nice to actually make a living.

Relax. I'll temporarily leave the prior ghost photos, until I get set up here. After that, there will only be one representative sample from each shoot here. To see the full shoots, you'd have to subscribe (paid admission).

I'm not saying these samples to be the best of the respective shoots. You'll have to pick your own favorites, when you see the rest.

The Sharon Ghost with the Thing Ghost

Most Recent Photos Follow this One

You'll see the thing ghost at the right end of the tub, with the Sharon ghost on the left, in the tub. I've had this photo since last year. I still believe this is a photo of two ghosts. The photos I've shot at the Cielo Drive property, this year, have had a lot of that thing ghost in them, as you'll see if you continue browsing my ghost photos on this page. I have something interesting to say about this photo, in my Jennifer blog entry, of March 17, 2008.

Cielo Drive Ghost Photo Shoot - Night of July 11, 2009

This shoot is fairly recent, compared with the other shoots here. I shot this one two days before performing live music in Hollywood, on the 13th, two days later. The night of this shoot, the 11th, was the night I was in Hollywood to attend a play. The play disappointed me, but this photo shoot definitely is not a disappointment, as you might conclude from this one sample.

Ghostly skelter ropes reproducing wildly
Now this is more like a horror movie ghost theme. If you're much familiar with the story of the deaths that occurred at this property, you know about the rope, I call it a skelter rope, obtained from a chandler, that was used to bind and suspend some of the victims. It was mostly symbolic it seems, but the deaths were true horror story material. You should notice there is a white (clean) rope and a red (soiled with blood) rope here. There is an extra bright one between the two, whatever that would mean. Notice also the green ones. Presumably, they were green, suggestive of reproducing plants. The place is now chock full of ghostly skelter ropes, ready for business as usual? No one would dare mess with these ghosts now?

The rest of this photo shoot would blow your mind. I leave you in anticipation of seeing the rest, when the pay area is up and running. I've been too busy with other matters to set it up. It'll be soon, I hope. I don't want to seem greedy, but I can hardly wait to see this website finally making money. After over four years, this website has continued to sustain net losses in money. You have to understand, I need the money. Where else can anyone get the genuine real thing, as these ghost photos really are?

Cielo Drive Ghost Photo Shoot - Night of August 1, 2008

Here it is finally, over a year since I shot these photos. These previews are so intriguing, I can hardly imagine anyone not wanting to see the rest.
Ghostly Base Jumper and Harp Player
First, picture this [update, next paragraph]: There were spider webs and spiders up high in the tree, on which the light is mounted. I was watching out to try to avoid any of those spiders from landing on me. This spider thing was an obvious thematic tie-in to the ghostly goings-on there that night (alluding to the base jumper). I describe this as a ghostly base jumper, the main figure. A base jumper is really someone who parachutes off of high rise buildings, but a tree will suffice here, for naming purposes. There is a collapsed parachute trailing this guy. If you look closely, there is a ghostly harp player above, just beneath the light, playing an invisible harp. Notice the positioning of the arms, suggestive of this pose.

Wow! I just saw things in this one I didn't notice before. First, I did notice that the light appears to be at the center of a ghostly mushroom. I was going to mention that. I just found a fat frog sitting on that mushroom, and a gator next to him. They both have prominent pairs of eyes. The frog has prominent cheeks, in the frog tradition. There's more. That collapsed parachute now reveals itself to me as a horned goat demon, standing on the shoulder of the base jumper. I never see everything in these ghost photos, until I've had them online a while, giving me a chance to go over them more.

Also, there's a celetial sphere near the end of one of the base jumper's feet. I hate to give it away without your paying, but I'll tell you that that celestial body appeared in at least one other of the photos in this shoot. Enough said, for here and now. I look forward to your subscription dues.

Hmmm . . . that head looks narrow enough to be a croc, rather than a gator. Crocs have narrower heads than gators. Crocs are also much much meaner than gators. That was the point? Maybe those ghosts do mean business?

I also think I should mention, on the inconceivable chance some of you wouldn't have noticed, that the base jumper's hair is very distinctly parted. He looks blonde, to me. Maybe a little too much time in the pool with the pool chlorine? His hair looks green. He looks too big to be hanging five on that globe.

Ah, yeah. I just noticed the angel wing jutting out behind the harp player.

Cozy little niche of ghostly life there, isn't there?

I was wondering what that was; there's another celestial sphere in front of one of the base jumper's arms.

It's been days since I wrote the above descriptions of the above photo. I just thought of something else. That horned demon, on the guy's shoulder, would seem symbolic of Tex Watson's notorious line, in which he reportedly told Voytek, "I'm the devil, here to do the devil's business." Thusly, that base jumper would really represent Tex, dropping by, that night those people died there. Maybe those ghosts are well-read on what happened there that night? Maybe they can remember it from firsthand experience? Ghosts have their ways of knowing things.

Cielo Drive Ghost Photo Shoot - about 9:00pm, February 24, 2008

New note:
Now that I've gone over this shoot so many times, I've boiled down the content better, to get at the heart of what's going on here. The central theme in this shoot is again cosmological, but this time a spacetime fabric wormhole appears, along with swarms of web-spinning silkworms.
Old note:
What can I say, in advance, about this shoot, except that you don't want to skip any of this, and that I saved some of the best stuff for near the end of this 24-photo shoot. Some sequential shots will seem a lot the same at times, but hang in there; it gets better further down.

The above is the best shot of this odd-looking ghost, from this shoot. It seems it decided to resemble a surveillance camera. It looks like it's being watched by the real surveillance camera.

In the above shot, this ghost is seen very close, in front of me, at the lower-right.

Here's another shot of it in front of the stationary camera, near the top of the gate.

Here it is, above, in front of the stand of slender trees. I just noticed that it has two spots, which are suggestive of eyes.

Now, in the above, I direct your attention to the heart-shaped clearing in the foliage. It is seen in many of these shots. The ghost is seen directly underneath that heart.

Now, in the above, the most conspicuous feature is the green head and face, which is staring at a tiny white spot. It reminds me of the sphinx. I also call it the face of green leaves. There was a cruder one in a previous photo shoot, and I believe this one is the makeover version of it. See the prior one, for comparison, in which a ghostly GEICO caveman ponders, in a ghostly mirror, what to do with his appearance. Also, it looks like the sphinx here is at one mouth of a wormhole. The circle of dots is one mouth, the curved line of dots is the throat, and another mouth is fashioned from a circle of green leaves, at the tail end of the sphinx. I first pictured the circle of dots, and a square of dots at the other end of the throat, as a lasso of dots and a big or little dipper constellation. The Big Dipper has been a big theme in these ghost shoots so far. What I find interesting about the lasso is the formerly used acronym, LASO, which stood for Los Angeles Sheriffs Office. Today, I believe they prefer the acronym, LASD, which looks similar. It was the Beverly Hills police which showed up to investigate here. LASO did investigate the Hinman case, though. I find it odd that the city police investigated this case, in view of the fact that Bel Air has been unincorporated. Maybe I'll figure that out someday.

Above, there is a person plummeting to his death, in the right auricle of the heart, below a bridge. The ghost is in the left ventricle, staring at a blue dot. I think the falling person represents the ghost; they are both inside of the heart. I believe this stuff means that the person, now the ghost, committed suicide, because it was blue.

In the above shot, we have the continuation of the Ursa Major theme, that was found in two prior shoots. Above the bridge, which has represented a lightening bolt in prior shoots, is another pair of Ursa Major (Great Bear) paw prints. They are very similar, except that one is purple and one is white. Again, the galaxy view is found in the upper-left. The ghost has consistently positioned the galaxy view that way, where it has occurred in these shots.

Above is a better shot of the galaxy view. It's remarkable that it starts in the upper-left, and continues to the right, as in another shot in this shoot. Also, there are purple and white oblong spots, in line and to the lower-right of the line of the galaxy. I think those same colors were used to hint that the spots are representing the paws of Ursa Major, in making up part of the galaxy. Notice the figure of a fox or coyote. It's occupying the spot where the bear and kangaroo have occupied in previous shoots. It's at the end of the lightening bridge, and is straight up-and-down vertical.

In the upper-right is a ghostly spacetime wormhole. I hope we're not being transported through a wormhole, to the start of skelter for our turn, so to speak. The ghostly Super Bowl XLII sign is still visible here, underneath the upper light. It was seen in the last photo shoot.

Now, above is a particularly interesting shot. It shows the line of the galaxy started in the upper-left, and continued on the right. There is a large central circle, representing the Cielo property. Just inside the upper-left of that circle is the ghost, in a different-looking form, with a thin-line mouth, two close-together eyes in front, and what may be two oblong purple eyes behind.

Now, above you'll find a repeat of the Ursa Major star theme of prior shoots, but with only three stars, on the right. On the lower-right is the ghost, pointing towards the lights, to the upper-left.

Now, above is the Ursa Major constellation, this time with a fourth faint star. Also, there is a triplet of green stars to the left.

Above is the ghost, near the lower apex of the heart. The suicide diver is there, as it is in many of these shots.

The above is different. It looks like a more-vertical version of the galaxy view, on the left, with the ghost inside of the galaxy, to the left of the heart.

Here, above is another shot of the ghost outside of the heart, but it looks like it is shot from within the galaxy, rather than from outside of the galaxy.

Now, the above shot is where this shoot gets especially interesting. Six of these shots, from here forward, incorporate the silkworm theme. As can be clearly seen in the photo, everything but the silkworm is spun of silk. Notice that the light and the heart are still visible here. I didn't see the silkworm stuff directly. I only saw it upon viewing the photos I snapped there, after I got home.

In the above shot is seen only a green silk mesh. If my eyesight weren't so poor, maybe I would have discerned some of this silkworm theme directly.

In the film, The Sound of Music, the hills may have been alive with the sound of music, but this particular night, the Cielo Drive property was alive with ghostly silkworms.

The above shot was nearer the opposite side of the driveway. As you can see, there are three colored worms. These don't look like silkworms. The center one is more distinct and green. The ones to either side of it are purplish-white.

I labeled the above photo, Dying. It is a continuation of the suicide plunge photo, a good many shots further up the page, in this shoot, which you should remember from above. I believe the ghost intentionally caused this photo to blur, to represent forgetting, in death. It looks like the ghost is exiting the heart, at the time of death. I believe the ghosts of the people who died there did indeed forget, due to the trauma they experienced that night. I believe they've been struggling in trying to remember their past, ever since that night.

In the above shot, the ghost has completed the exit, in death. I believe the ghost also intentionally blurred this shot to represent "having forgotten," like it did the last one. Now it looks like the ghost is surrounded by a whole population of silkworms, as if to symbolize the no-adult-content-now theme. I hate to mention an idea like that, but that's what the above shot reminds me of. Also, in the upper-left is a triplet of dots, that are aligned in the direction of the galaxy, of most of the galaxy shots.

In the above photo, the ghost appears at the lower-right. A small, colored worm-like figure can be found between the property camera and the ghost, nearer the camera. This shot looks strange, in that everything looks out of focus, except for the worm. I think that's a cloud of silkworms, surrounding the light.

Now, we've arrived at the last shot in this shoot, which is above. A ghostly head is found just above the gate, and just to the right of the camera. The outward appearance of the head bears a very strong resemblance to an acting teacher named, Tom. There appears to be an oblong purple phallus, to the left of a small brain with light spots and a brain stem. Maybe the light spots are brain lesions. The purple phallus reminds me of the fact the the Tyrannosaurus rex had a foot-long, phallus-shaped brain. This combination of elements seems to suggest that Tom has the brain of a Tyrannosaur. I was just with Tom, earlier that night, just before I drove over to the Cielo property. I didn't announce to anyone any plan to visit the Cielo property that night. In fact, I had forgotten about the shoot, and headed in the direction of home, before I remembered, and turned back, in the direction of Bel Air. How is this for a finale shot? This shoot, as you've just seen, is very very bizarre. Now, I again wonder what's next.

Final note to this shoot:

New note:
I'm adding this update to the start of this note, because I've just figured out the biggie of this photo shoot. In one of the above photos, there is a ghostly spacetime wormhole. I didn't recognize it at first. The fabric of spacetime was the furthest thing from my thoughts, when I was going over this stuff, looking for patterns. That interpretation is verified by the silkworm theme. There are at least three kinds of worm, so to speak, in this shoot, as if to certify the wormhole interpretation in the one photo above. Believe me, these are genuine photos. It took me considerable time to figure out some of this stuff. I didn't even know about the worm themes that night, while I was taking pictures there.
Additional new note:
In one of the above photos, you saw the face of green leaves. In a prior shoot, there was another cruder face of green leaves, with a caveman ghost eyeing himself in a mirror, as if figuring out what to do with his appearance. Well, he figured it out, and the result is in the newer face of green leaves, in this photo shoot. What do you think? Remarkable difference, I'd say. The ghost's a self-makeover wizzard. Now he looks like a sphinx at one mouth of a spacetime fabric wormhole, possibly about to be sucked in. I almost hate to say it, but a possible interpretation is that the perpetrators are welcome to their turn at being the victims; a little time travel, through the throat of the wormhole, and VOILA!
Still another new note:
So that you'll know, here's an artist's rendition of what a SPACETIME CONTINUUM FABRIC WORMHOLE would look like:
Now, imagine one of the legs of this thing being all of time that's gone before, and the other leg as being all time in the future. Now, if you can imagine time travel, imagine repeatedly and accidentally taking the shortcut through the wormhole, and thus never continuing on in time normally, and being stuck in that rut forever. Scary, eh? Actually, I'm not trying to suggest that I'd be believing in the space/time continuum. Since some others say the space/time continuum is real, it's at least something to give an occasional thought to. I suggest not taking their word for it. When I studied physics in college in the 1980's, I was told that time travel, to the extent it's possible, IS a one-way thing, like this artist's rendition illustrates. However, if you apply my own idea to it, that the wormhole is always missed on the first leg of the journey (after all, the wormhole is presumed to be one-way), but is always, or sometimes, sucked into the wormhole when traversing the second of the two legs, that's something even more interesting. First, you'd have to presume that the one-way direction of the wormhole to be the opposite of this artist's version. Further, picture that one can pass right over the wormhole without being sucked, on the first leg of the journey, but if one holds a steady course, without straying to one side, and eventually arrives at the other end of the wormhole, one is invariably sucked into that nasty wormhole, with all that would imply. What that could have one experiencing, if one's presumed to be spiritually immortal, in the overall scheme of things, is that one could be forever looping around in a circle, repeating all of life over and over, in a broken-record sort of fashion. JFK would always die in the early 1960's, Sharon Tate would always die in 1969, and so on. That way, the whole Charlie/skelter thing could be cycling perpetually and eternally, with no end, ever. Ouch! Maybe one needs to engineer and build a steering wheel, to avoid the wormhole on the second leg, so to speak. Add to my idea, above, the added condition that one could live an alternate person's life, for a given timeframe, in a subsequent pass through the cycle. Picture being able, thusly, to end up having lived everyone's life, by having lived through countless millions of such cycles. This is the closest I've come to a mathematical model for my having been all of the skelter victims before, in as many prior versions of earth. I have! Uh . . . I'd kind of hate to say some of the other people I've been, though. Now, further imagine that there'd only be one such wormhole in the universe, and that some would be fortunate enough to miss it while traversing the second leg. They'd be the one's far enough to either side of the conveyer, so to speak, to not be sucked into the wormhole. Imagine them then being able to achieve greater levels of sophistication, not possible within the rerun cycle rut, described by me above. Imagine they'd go on to develop things, like the technology to travel space in UFO-class craft, that man has never claimed to be able to figure out. I'm not claiming to believe in that theory of UFO's. It's an interesting thought, though. Those lucky extraterrestrials; they missed the wormhole? If you believe this artist's version of the universe, he'd have you think you might miss a vast amount of time, entirely. Actually, you may be more likely to cycle over and over again, through the same stuff. That's a very big difference, compared to the idea of missing the stuff.
Old note:
I want to mention now that this shoot, on February 24, 2008, was on the night of the oscars, which took place in Hollywood, which is roughly five miles from the Cielo property. What I was wondering, was if the silkworm theme was to represent the fashion theme, that's always present at the oscars. After all, the ghost did represent the Super Bowl theme, less than 24 hours before this year's Super bowl. This ghost had its own idea of silk fashion, for oscar night. How much do think big-name labels could command for their clothes, if made from this Cielo ghost silk? Do you think the Cielo property is zoned for textile manufacturing? Also, I recently realized that the first film I've appeared in, Semi-Pro, has a scene with Will Ferrell squaring off with a bear. You should know, by now, that there is a bear theme in some of these ghost photo shoots. So, that makes theme coincidences with two recent films, so far: 1. The Eye and 2. Semi-pro.

My Ghost Photos from the Cielo Drive Property, from February 2, 2008

I didn't forget about the newest ghost photos I captured at the Cielo Drive property. I've been busy, so I put off going through the stuff. Now I've selected the eight best shots. They follow.
New note:
I put this new note at the top, because I've just figured out some details here. This ghostly face of leaves, staring at a bright light, is a pre-makeover version. The subsequent made-over version is in the February 24th photo shoot. In the follow-up photo shoot version, the ghostly face of leaves is staring at a much smaller, white spot. But the mere fact of both staring at a white spot is a form of continuity, between photos. All these ghost photo shoots, so far, have related threads of theme going through them.
Old note:
In the above photo, on the right, you'll notice a ghostly head and shoulder staring at a mirror image of the face. Compare this caveman theme to the earliest of my ghost photos from this property, which also has a caveman theme in it. It's the one with the skull-and-crossbones. It also reminds me of the newspaper company name, the Times Mirror, which The Los Angeles Times is, or was, part of. Actually, I'd be happy for them to run this story, if they'd pay me adequately for it. I wouldn't want to give up my right to publish it myself, though.
In this photo, above, if you look to the left of the center of the gate and below the top of it, you'll find a green face with mouth agape, as if screaming. What amuses me with this image is the name pun in Green Acres, the 1960's tv series. If this ghost was one of the Tate household, she ached. That fulfills the name pun, "green achers," rather than "green acres." Does that look like a gate worthy of the haunted estate tradition, or what?
Here, above, is that ghost again, but with a more casual expression on her face. Which do you think she is, Sharon or Gibby?
That brings us to the above photo. The green lady ghost is still there, but now there's a ghostly hourglass, aligned along its axis, in the direction of the bright light, above. This hourglass in on the right. I just figured out that it bears some resemblance to the shining-light eyeball ghost, of the previous shoot. Interesting.
Above, now we find what may be the same hourglass ghost, but it looks different here. It just had a quick knock-knock makeover? If you haven't spotted it yet, it's at the level of the gate, and to its left. It appears that the green ghost is still hanging around here, to the right.
Now above, we've got a ghostly, white, little tv screen, with a person sitting on his butt with knees and back up, as if on tv. It can be found to the lower-left of center. There's a purple ghost finger pointing to it, so you can't miss it. I just found a human head, between the lightening bolt (explained further down) and the tv. That head looks like she has long hair, and she's holding a camera, with a finger wrapped around it, as if in position to snap another picture. Maybe the ghost got that idea from me, the way I was persistantly holding my camera, preparing for the next shot, all during that shoot. And here's something else. Just under the upper light, it looks like a reference to the Super Bowl XLII. There is a little rectangle, with movie film holes at the bottom, displaying what looks like "XLII." These photos were captured the night before the Super Bowl XLII game." How's that for timing? I didn't have the Super Bowl on my mind, during that photo shoot. This combination of things reminds me of the high-priced tv ads, that were to be shown during the Super Bowl XLII. I wish someone would pay me that kind of money. Upon further examination of this image, I've found something else. If you compare the location of the tv, with its fetal-looking figure on its screen, to the lady's face, you'll find that it is about at her abdomen. That makes it seem like a sonogram of the unborn child. This could be an allusion to Sharon, with her unborn child inside of her. There is a Sharon-with-child theme in the first ghost photo. It's near the bottom of this page. This is the tie-in I was hoping for, to explain what appears to be an embryo, hanging in the open below the lightening bolt, in the next photo. I suppose that all the tv theory theme, in the next photo, was to verify that the photo above was a sonogram of the fetus. Here's another update. I had falsely reported the Super Bowl as having been on the 16th, but it was on the 3rd. When I checked the date, I came up with the 16th, apparently by magic. I later gave it more thought, and looked up the date again. Just like I thought, the Super Bowl was really on the 3rd of February. It was a supernatural message, that gave me the wrong report of the date the first time. Those naughty ghosts. Maybe that was a clue that the XLII sign was really saying that, XLII. That photo was captured less than 24 hours before the game. What's more, numerologically, if you subtract the 3 from the 16, you get the Satanic number 13. One wonders why 13 is considered Satanic. Because it's considered bad luck to go to Hell? The demise of those living there was certainly hellish. It could be likened to play-of-the-day tackles. Oh my gosh! I just thought of another numerological detail with this. The 3 is more interesting than I thought, at first. The number of the Super Bowl, that was played the very year those people died, was the 3rd! It was Super Bowl III!!! How do you like that? That's mind-blowing. Now you're wondering what I'd figure out or notice next, with this stuff? I sure am.
This time, above, we have a ghostly man with dark hair and beard, sitting on top of the bush, and staring behind, towards the bright light. He's further to the left than where that tv was, and he's much larger than it. On his left are straight lines, one in line with the top of his head, and many such lines pointing downward to various spots on his body. The overall effect is suggestive of the electron beams, inside of a picture tube, which create the image on the tv screen. Now, notice the white bear paw print to the right of the man. I suspect that is to highlight the fact that the man appears to be naked (the "bear" versus "bare" homonyms), and also to connect this view with the Ursa Major theme. Now I suspect a symbolic connection to that white tv screen figure, as if to suggest that the man is naked on tv or in a film or video. Even more of the body of the bear/kangaroo is visible here (notice the pun). The fact that the man is looking back, maybe symbolizing memory, and the bear is not looking back, reminds me of something. It's easy for the man to remember; he's not being zapped by the lightning bolt, but the bear is being zapped. And, here's something else, I just found. Notice the smaller light above the bright light. Just below that upper light is another, but smaller, kangaroo. Now, notice that the bearded man seems to be staring in the direction of both kangaroos. What that reminds me of is the picture tube idea, again. Think of the upper kangaroo as being the origin image of such electron beams, which result in the larger kangaroo image, which the man is really looking at. It's the projection in the picture tube idea. Also, the look of the kangaroo reminds me of the stuffed animal toy, found in the ghost photo inside of Gibby's bedroom. The link to visit that photo is near the bottom of this page.
Finally, in this last one above, it looks like a continuation of the previous shoot's theme. In the upper-left is what appears to be a space telescope view of a galaxy. Above the bright light are a couple of bear paw prints, as if to draw a connection to the previous shoot's Ursa Major theme. And, as if it were the same point in time as the last shoot, the bear is back. This time, a good portion of his body is visible, rather than just his head. Those two green man-in-the-moon's are there again, to the right, like in the last shoot. Check out that lightening bolt, at the head of the bear. It's nastier than ever this time. Also, that bear could look like a kangaroo, depending on how you look at it. That is to suggest jumping, maybe. Lightening bolts, like that, could definitely make one jump. Those talented ghosts.

My Ghost Photos from the Cielo Drive Property, from January 1, 2008

Jumbo eye ghost close to gate
This ghost looks like a jumbo eye, with a light beam emanating from its "pupil." It is found hovering low to the ground, to the right of center of the gate. Overhead is a ghostly version of Ursa Major, without all of the stars showing. This ghostly constellation relates very interestingly to other photos I captured here.
Jumbo eye is further back in this one.
If you look closely, you'll see the jumbo eye ghost here too, but it's further behind the gate, and fainter here. The Ursa Major constellation is overhead here too, but a fainter fifth star is found under the end of its handle. The four main "stars" correspond to the four residents who died here. The fifth fainter star reminds me of me, because of the first victim's first name, in Steven Parent. Presumably, the ghosts knew my first name, and many details about me. There are a couple of UFO-like ghosts above the tree light.
Ghostly man-in-the-moon enjoying Ursa Major
First, note the green man-in-the-moon, which is gazing to the left. It has a friend to the right, which is seen either head-on or from behind. Presumably they are both wafer-thin. The one on the left is gazing at another ghostly version of Ursa Major near the tree. It is to the left of the tree trunk, and to the lower-left of the blazing tree light. This ghostly bear (Ursa Major) is seen with a K-shaped thing seeming to emanate from its head, in the upper-right direction. It reminds me of lightning. A pair of green ghostly eyes is found just below the upper tree light.
A couple of crown ghosts
In the above photo you'll find a couple of purplish ghosts. One is deeper purple. The other is closer to mauve in color. They are a pair of bear's paw prints, of the Ursa Major bear ghost. "Ursa Major" is latin for "great bear."
Crown ghost close to ground
If you look along the bottom edge of the above photo, you'll find a little ghostly image that looks like a crown. It is purplish. It's to the left of the gate, and to the right of the stand of trees. It also reminds me of a flying saucer. Not only that, it reminds me of the King Stephen and King George comments I made at this website. Purple is also considered a royal color.
Here's a shot of the real moon that night.
Finally, the above photo is what the real moon looked like that night. That was . . . the real . . . moon? Now, you're not sure? As an interesting coincidence, my new 2008 calendar, which I hung up in advance, has a similar-looking moon in a photo, next to the Eiffel Tower, for January. Its angle is almost horizontal, with the flat edge at the top, whereas the one on this page is at a 45° angle. They are both angled to the right. The moon, as visible at Cielo Drive that night, was visible when standing outside of the gate, while facing the gate.

Sharon's Ghost

Here is one of my latest photos at the gate at Cielo Dr.:
Read the description, below this photo, of what's in this photo.
NOTE: The background photo shows the ghost of Abigail Folger. That story follows this one. Also, I just captured more ghost photos at the Cielo Drive property. Watch for those photos and descriptions. They're coming soon.
10048 (10050) Cielo Dr. on New Year's Eve (12/31/06)

The interesting feature this time is the ghostly figure of leaves, with the shining light located where the head would be. There is a skull-and-crossbones to the left of the foot of that main figure. If that was you, Sharon, thanks for showing up somewheres. I think you were the blonde who sat by me for a while. I've revised my idea of what I see in part of the picture. I now see a lady turned to the left, with her hair pulled back, a tress down along the left side of the face, and her hand covering her mouth. In front of where her bent elbow would be, there is what appears to be a fencing mask with crossed swords behind it. Forming a lower part of the left embankment, is the profile of a ghostly earthen or leafy face, with an ear and a prominent brow ridge, a nose and a chin, which face stares at the long straight barlike shadow parallel to the gate, on the ground. It looks like it could be the face of a gorilla or a prehistoric hominid. There is a human figure with hands up, with one arm being one of the crossbones, and the other arm being one of the swords. It has on a skirt, and the waist area of that skirt is brightly illuminated. Maybe I'd keep finding details if I kept looking for them in this photo, as happened in the homepage banner photo. A mother behind a child in a bassinet, can be seen below the fensing mask and swords. That would be to represent Sharon having been pregnant when she died there. There was a bassinet waiting in Sharon's room for the never-born child. I just found another little skull-and-crossbones to the right of the bigger one.

I just came back to this after being out and having dinner and so on. There was an image of some sort that I saw next to the main bright image, but I couldn't at first make it out. Now I see that it's a skull and crossbones, with the skull on top of the crossbones. I can hardly believe that I couldn't recognize that one right away. It's just to the side of the main bright image's right foot. That's phenomenal. I didn't realize what a good photograph I'd taken, but now I know. It was really worth the drive and bother to take more photos.

On the way there, I passed Cielo Dr., because I couldn't see the sign in the dark of night. I drove all the way to the end of Benedict Canyon, and turned around on top of the hill there. I was able to spot the street sign on the way back through Benedict Canyon. I turned right, and drove to the gate. I parked, and left the headlights on this time. I selected the nighttime setting for my camera, but it didn't seem to do any good; I still had to use gamma correction to lighten the image. I got a good picture though. What would people do without my insight and photos and things. This is unique.

There was something very interesting about one of the street names in that area, but my 23-year-old map book is too old to show that detail. I have to either buy a new map book, or return to that street to write down the street name. It connected strongly with something in my mind, but without being able to remember the name of the street, I'll have to wait till I return to retrieve the name, before I can figure out that puzzle.

I noticed something else in this photo, but I've been putting off mentioning it, until I took the time to examine it more closely. There is a ghostly octopus with its tentacles over someone's head, in front of the gate, on the left. Also, there appears to be a tiny skull-and-crossbones in front of that person, about in front of the heart location. I just noticed that this is the fulfillment of the Beatles song, Octopus' Garden. That is a garden, that is an octopus, and "in the night" is something like the song's phrase, "in the shade." What more could you want.

I've been trying to figure out what was at the brightly-glowing figure's left foot. Now I see the face of a gorilla or hominid behind that foot. It, like the other similar face, it also staring towards the right of that gate. I got the impression somehow that the visitors party had entered around the right of the other gate, further up that drive. It's as if those two hominids are watching for someone trying to enter there again. That just reminded me of the expression "looking high and low." It's as if they're looking high and low for someone trying to enter.

Gibby's Ghost

Now, about the ghost in this background photo. If you locate the item of light-colored clothing on the floor, you can then find the ghostly foot of Abigail Folger immediately to the right of it. I've believed that was the ghost of Gibby from the start, but I just noticed some verification of that. That room was her own bedroom, at the Cielo Drive house. If you look closely, you'll find that immediately to the right and above that foot, is the ghostly head of Gibby (Abigail), which is wearing a head scarf, as if intended to be a form of identification. You can see the upper arm angled back, as if she may have had her arms tied behind her back. There is a man standing lower, and just beyond, Gibby. The ghostly foot appears to be at the end of a large leg, with knee bent, and the leg covered in chifon. So, that looks like at least three ghosts there at that time. That's three out of four. There were four people living in that house. That makes one wonder if there is a forth ghost there in the photo someplace. That poor Gibby ghost felt that she was Gibby, but she couldn't feel certain of it, due to the effect of the trauma of her final moments. To get a better look at the background photo, click the following link:
If you're using Windows, you can get an even better view by hitting F11, after clicking over to the image. Hit F11 again, to return to regular browser mode.

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